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Meet Pat Nash

Pat Nash LLC is a private practice situated in the heart of Atlanta and dedicated to providing consulting for businesses,  individuals, and couples. We specialize particularly in helping people survive and thrive at every age and stage of life by increasing awareness of spiritual truths in love.

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Coach Pat Nash

I am a native of Oklahoma. I chose to make Georgia my home over 20 years ago and I love it here! I have 30+ years of experience in Love and Life! My experience includes Management of Interpersonal Relationships in Business,
Pre-Marital Counseling, Marriage Enrichment, Individual “Dream” Coaching, and Stress Management.


I started my own business in 2010 to have the flexibility to work with clients in a more personal and individualized setting. My Philosophy on life and love…. I believe that the most powerful growth and change that occurs in our lives is fueled by some of the most painful and difficult experiences that we encounter. Your life is a fantastic, wild, messy, beautiful trip along a sometimes strange and challenging path.


I believe that “Love is perfect…it’s our choices and individuals that are flawed” and may cause us not to have great love experiences.


My job is to be your Coach as you navigate this beautiful journey and discover your dream life. Our goal is to discover or re-discover love and a peace that is unshakeable!


We will work together to create a journey that is as unique and that creates a path of understanding!

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