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Urban Native is an all-natural self-love product. We make the finest and purest products to pamper the entire family. It consists of creamy dreamy whipped and deliciously scented 100% pure Shea Butter. Purifying and smoothing 100% imported African Black Soap. Pure 100% Body Oil in a variety of domestic and imported scents.

100% Shea Butter Creams

Standard Scents 8 oz. - $15.00

Vanilla Pineapple Black Butter

Candy Apple

Mango Passion

Baby Powder

Healing Spa

Peach Passion

Coconut Papaya

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PN 1.png

Designer Scents 8 oz - $25.00

Dylan Blue


Bond 9 (Tribeca, Madison Ave,

                 Peace, Signature, Dubai)

Baccarat Rouge

Very Cool

Creed (Himalaya, Aventis, Neroli Sauvage)

Velvet Bergamot

Dolce Gabbana

Amber White

Gucci Bloom

Pure Body Oil

100% Body Oil 1 oz - $30.00

Available in domestic and imported scents.

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Pure African Black Soap

PN 2.png

100% Pure Soap - $6.00

Purifying and smoothing 100% imported African Black Soap.

Natural Brown Sugar Scrub

100% Natural Scrub 4 oz - $20.00

Please let me know the products you are interested in and I will contact you shortly.
Thank you!

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